now has 100,000,000 images!

This recent press release from is reason to celebrate! Fold3 now has more than one hundred million images on the website. I know I have found some wonderful information on the website. It is a subscription website and well worth the cost. is also where the War of 1812 Pension Records are being housed for FREE. To keep them that way, please donate to the Federation of Genealogical Societies Preserve the Pensions Project. We’ve already raised enough funds to have almost 400,000 images on Fold3 from these original documents housed at the National Archives. Last month, almost 40,00 new images were added thanks to the donations of dedicated genealogists, historians, and others. Have you donated? You may send in a check or use your credit card at
This is the release:
Earlier this month, we reached a major milestone when the counter on the Fold3 home page spun to and exceeded 100,000,000 record images. Our digital partners—the National Archives (NARA), Allen County Public Library, FamilySearch, and others—helped Fold3 attain this significant event. We thank them and you, our members and fans, for your support and enthusiasm over the last six years
In January 2007, (Fold3’s predecessor) launched with an initial 4 million images. Many of the Fold3 Team members have been around since those early days, watching the titles roll and the images multiply at an increasingly steady pace, assuring that our visitors can access an impressive range of original military records online.
The first sets of documents on the site proved very popular and continue to be some of Fold3’s biggest hits today. They include:
Since those early days, Fold3 has added many more popular titles, including:
Here we are, one hundred million images strong, looking eagerly toward the next hundred million. At the pace our team is digitizing and scanning, it will certainly happen sooner than we think. You can catch up on all of Fold3’s significant achievements on our Blog.

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