Salt Lake Institute of Genealogy 2013 goes out with a bang

A week ago I was finished with the first day of teaching at the 2013 edition of SLIG. The week flew by and it now seems like a distant memory. That is sad because it was a fantastic week. I had a classroom full of wonderful adult students who participate in discussions, questions and the small group project. The Room Monitor, Phyllis Codling McLaughlin, was always attentive.

Christy Fillerup and her fellow Utah Genealogical Association SLIG staff greeted us warmly, answered any questions, and as always were cool, calm, and collected. Thank you all!

New Location
The 2015 SLIG will be the 20th Anniversary! I have taught and/or coordinated classes since the second year of SLIG. SLIG is so successful it has outgrown two hotels. In 2015 it will move to the Salt Lake Hilton for the week of January 11-16. Instructors and coordinators had a great tour of the Hilton meeting space last Friday afternoon. Impressive! It will give students more space in the classroom and provide room for consultations, small group discussions, and will be such an improvement.SLIG will run a shuttle to and from the Family History Library in the afternoons.

New title for Course I

At the request of SLIG Director, Christy Fillerup, I have changed the title of my course to United States Records and Research, Part I and Part II. The 2015 Part I will not be the same lineup as what students had in 2014. What was offered in 2014 will be offered again in 2016.

The new description: This beyond- the-basics course provides in-depth learning on 19th-21st century U.S. resources and the methodology for using them. Probe deeper into the content, origin, location, and interpretation of records. Informative and interactive classroom hours delve into significant records and strategies that take you beyond basic research tools both online and off. On-site Family History Library support and a computer lab from course instructors provide one-on-one assistance and guidance with your own research. Suggested prerequisites: experience researching in a variety of repositories, familiarity with and other family history websites, and previous class room learning related to family history.

See you next January!

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