Genealogist and Great Grandmother all in one

Last week I posted about the birth of my first great grandchild. I spent yesterday afternoon with the latest addition to our family, itty bitty Lucas. He is under 6 lbs and is so light to hold. My granddaughter commented recently that being a young great grandmother is neat since I get to spend many years with him.

That made me think about my children and their great grandparents.

My oldest son had 4 great grandparents living when he was born. One, my Grandpa Mike died when my son was 4 1/2 months old and never got to meet his first great grandchild as we were living in California and Grandpa was back in Minnesota. However, my son did spend time with three other great grandparents. He was 6 when two of them died.

My daughter also got to know those two grandparents as she was 4 when they died.

Then there was my Grandma Gert who lived until she was almost 99. My oldest son was 31 when his GGG
died, my daughter was 29, and my youngest son was 22. Grandma Gert was also fortunate to become Great Great Grandma Gert to my first two grandchildren. My own children spent a lot of time with Great Great Grandma Gert. 

Lucas and Mommy

This brings me to my own great grandparents. When I was born, I had 3 living great grandparents. One died when I was 3, another when I was 4, and the last one, Nana, when I was 10.

Lucas and Great Great Grandma Paula

Lucas and I will continue to become better acquainted. I promised to tell him stories about his Mom! I also promised to work on his family tree.

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1 comments on “Genealogist and Great Grandmother all in one

  1. Congratulations!!! And, how wonderful that you have such longevity in your family!

    I didn’t know any of my great grandparents. My daughter is 13 and just lost one great-grandfather last year. His wife, her other great-grandmother (aged 90), is still living. She also knew two other great-grandmothers… one who died when she was about 6 months old and the other, my grandmother, died when she was about 3.

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