Seminars & Webinars: 8 are members of the Federation of Genealogical Societies

I love statistics and tonight I had a thought about the genealogical organizations for which I am doing webinars or in-person presentations in the upcoming months.  I checked and found that eight of the organizations are members of the Federation of Genealogical Societies. That’s an impressive number that understand the importance of having a strong organization by banding together for the good of all the groups and their members.

These eight member societies are the Minnesota Genealogical Society, 3M Genealogy Club, Ohio Genealogical Society, Iowa Genealogical Society, Rochester Genealogical Society [NY], Southern California Genealogical Society, Anchorage Genealogical Society, and the Utah Genealogical Association. Congratulations to the boards of these organizations for continuing this relationship.

As the FGS website states:

The Federation of Genealogical Societies links the genealogical community by:

  • serving the needs of its member societies, libraries, archives, and other member organizations,
  • providing products and services needed by member societies, and
  • marshaling the resources of its member organizations.

Is your county or state genealogical organization a member of FGS? How about those in the places where your ancestors lived?

  • Click here to see the long list of FGS member organizations
  • Click here for the always expanding benefits of membership and scroll down that page for the annual cost of membership. Join the hundred of other organizations that are members of FGS.
  • Click here to see the expanded info on these members or to find a society that might pertain to your ancestral localities.

I am a member of the FGS Board of Directors so this means even more to me.

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