Small Business Saturday includes family history businesses

Some thoughts for today that is widely billed as Small Business Saturday, a day to support local, small, and in some cases, struggling businesses trying to stay afloat.

Have you hired a professional genealogist to consult on your family history or to do research for you? Have you hired that person to edit the family history you are writing? Maybe you had the person provide one-on-one assistance at a library, archive, courthouse, or historical society. What about sending in your reservation and payment for a genealogical institute, seminar, or a conference? The instructors at those events often are those with genealogy businesses. You may be waiting for a delivery of a book purchased from a genealogy book dealer or a genealogical society. Is there a website or blog that teaches you about other websites, research opportunities, or discusses the records?

Other small businesses in the area of genealogy include companies selling maps, charts, research trips, cruises, and research at a specific repository. Many of the historical societies and libraries we visit are small businesses.

Some of these are one-person businesses and that definitely qualifies as a small business. Others with several employees or volunteers are still a small business.

I wonder how many genealogists thought about these businesses on Small Business Saturday? Please support your fellow family history enthusiasts so that the services and supplies they offer will be around for a long time. Did you do something today to provide this support by ordering a service or some supply or book? The day isn’t over yet?





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