Findmypast adds largest collection of US marriages!

The news release was received today from

“We’re excited to announce the release of the largest online collection of US marriages in history, which when complete will include over 100 million records covering 360 years.

60 per cent of these records have never been published online before offering you the chance to discover your US ancestors at such a pivotal moment in their lives. And, from today you can start by searching over 33 million records, giving you the chance to grow your family tree even more.”

I did some checking for the less common surnames in my extended family. I found nothing for Hanley in Minnesota so those have not been added. I found on Slaker marriage I didn’t have. For the Copping name there were no entries. The lack of these is easily explained and it means I will have to keep checking!

“This collection contains all the United States marriage records that are currently on Findmypast. The records date from the 17th century to the 20th century. Records will continue to be added to this collection as they are obtained. There are both images and transcripts in this collection; however, some records only provide a transcript. Various marriage record types are included: applications, licenses, certificates, intentions to marry, registers, bonds, and affidavits. Based on the type of record and where it was created, the amount of available information will vary.”

p.s. The initial batch of 33 million records is free until February 15th.


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