Pittsburgh, Burbank, Rapid City, Springfield, Tacoma, Jamaica, and other places: Are you ready?

Creating and updating PowerPoint slides and handouts and then presenting at classes, institutes, conferences, and seminars is a time intensive endeavor. I strive to find record examples that pertain to place where I will be presenting the lecture. It’s a bit more difficult when doing a webinar that will be viewed by people around the world.

Doing all this brings me a certain sense of accomplishment. I feel good when I find just the right images for the presentation. When the audience ooh and ahs at something, I know I did it right! When they laugh at the points where I hoped they would, I also smile. When I hear from someone with a thank-you for the presentation or that they took my advice and found great grandpa, I am thrilled.  That’s why I keep doing this part of my genealogy business.

This year my presentations booked so far take me to Salt Lake City, Utah; Green Bay, Wisconsin; River Falls, Wisconsin; Mason, Ohio (Cincinnati area); Burbank, California; Tacoma, Washington; Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania; Minneapolis, Minnesota; Springfield, Illinois; Rapid City, South Dakota; and on a genealogy cruise to Texas, Mexico, Grand Cayman, Jamaica, and Costa Rica. Via several webinars and Ancestry Academy courses, I will be transported across the world.

Could I add more places to my speaking calendar? Of course, it’s a joy to meet audiences everywhere.

My updated speaking calendar is here.



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