Your family history “stuff” is valuable: safe storage for paper and other items

This is taken from the handout that accompanies my lecture titled Controlling Chaos: Organizing Your Genealogical Materials. We need to make sure our important family history paper, artifacts, and related items are stored properly.  Many larger historical societies offer classes on proper preservation techniques. Check for up-to-date websites and guidebooks. I did not check but I bet has a category for this subject!

I suggest beginning with at least acid free folder and boxes for irreplaceable items.

Just three of many sources for these:

Preservation supply sources: Use proper storage for paper and family heirlooms. Acid-free paper is widely available and gift stores or museum shops at historical societies often carry archival supplies including boxes, paper, file folders, photo albums, and more. For online ordering (and some drooling!)

C   Gaylord Brothers, Phone: 800-428-3631

C   Hollinger Metal Edge , Phone: 800-634-0491

C   University Products, Inc. Phone: 800-336-4847

Which items are you going to add to your Christmas list?


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