The Weinermobile and Oral History

I bet more than a few of you are scratching your head at the connection in the title of this post. As I read an article today that connected those two items, a certain song from a commercial began to run through my mind and hasn’t stopped since. O-S-C-A-R  M-A- . . . and now I hope you have this earworm!

The headquarters of the Oscar Mayer company has moved back to Chicago from its 1919-2015 home in Madison, Wisconsin. One of the Weinermobiles has been donated to the Wisconsin Historical Society. Other artifacts were donated but my mind immediately wondered about the company records! No mention of those in the article.

“. . . the Wisconsin Historical Society announced efforts to collect memories of Oscar Mayer from company workers and retirees, families of Oscar Mayer workers and anyone who has a story they want to share about the frankfurter and bologna purveyor.”

“Anyone can share a memory of Oscar Mayer online — visit — or record a video or audio and upload it to the website. Or simply write it down and send it via snail mail. Oral histories will be accepted through Feb. 28. All stories will be archived and accessible by the public.”

Read the full story in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel of 5 December 2017.

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