Jewish ancestry? An online beyond the basics course

I saw a notice about this in Nu? What’s New? It’s the “The E-zine of Jewish Genealogy From Avotaynu.”

A long-time friend, Gary Mokotoff, is editor of this e-zine.  Minnesota has many areas with large Jewish populations. I grew up in such an area, the Highland Park area of Saint Paul.


Complex Genealogical Research in the U.S.
Looking for someone in the U.S.?

If despite basic online research you have not yet found the Hebrew names, birth year or town for your U.S. immigrant consider this course as it focuses on the more complex documents our ancestors generated including Naturalization, Passports, Death Records (Probate, Obituaries, Cemeteries), Newspapers, City Directories, Immigration Ports other than Ellis Island, Major Archives and Libraries, Military records, Internet Research and miscellaneous State and Federal Government Records.

Read the full description, cost and enrollment info in this course from JewishGen Education here.



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