9 more reasons to sign up for the GRIP course: Tools for Digging Deeper

As I work on material for this year’s Genealogical Research Institute of Pittsburgh’s week in the Buffalo, New York area, I decided to see what suggestions had been made in the evaluations for the past years of my course.  The course I coordinate, Intermediate Genealogy: Tools for Digging Deeper, did receive some good suggestion which will be incorporated. It was also heartwarming to read the kudos our team of instructors for this course has received. A selection of these:


  • I thought all the material was well prepared and presented.
  • Group project was very useful.
  • The newspaper class was particularly good.
  • I enjoyed the real world examples.
  • I learned a lot and got my money worth.
  • Specifically liked the variety of topics.
  • Keep doing what you are doing. You each have your own styles. It’s marvelous.
  • It really has opened my eyes to new ways to think and research.
  • Very nice to gain different perspectives & benefits from expertise & styles.


It always nice to be complimented for our intensive work on the course sessions. We also received some nice comments about each of the instructors. I hope you will be able to join us in Amherst, New York, a suburb of Buffalo. The area is filled with places to research family history.

To learn more, visit the GRIP website.


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