The last Federation of Genealogical Societies Conference kicks off this week. Online!

According to my calendar, I should be arriving in downtown Kansas City, Missouri right now. I will have driven 7.5 hours from Saint Paul, Minnesota. I would be at the front desk checking into the hotel for the last ever Federation of Genealogical Societies Conference as it will merge into NGS later this year. The hugs from genealogy friends will have begun along with lots of laughing. Instead I will sit in front of my computer, maybe shed a tear or two for this organization that was very much a part of my life for more than 20 years, and only hug virtually. I will then be watching FGS2020 virtually. I’ve already skimmed through 2/3 of the huge electronic syllabus and it’s great. If you haven’t registered for this week’s live presentations on Wednesday and those that follow online starting September 15th, do it now! Be a part of history. Three different levels of online participation so choose what your budget can handle. Every registrant receives the syllabus. I have four sessions that are a part of this FGS 2020 Conference. The first photo is from the FGS 2001 Conference in Davenport, Iowa, the week of 9/11. We are singing God Bless America. The second photo is from the FGS Conference in Philadelphia in 2008.

The On-Demand content contains over 80 sessions, PLUS you will receive more than 30 sponsored sessions and a collection of 15 society management sessions for FREE. Tell your genealogical and historical societies about these sessions. If you miss the Live! Session, on September 2d, you will have the opportunity to view it together with the On-Demand content, which will be available starting September 15 and will be available for your viewing until March 15, 2021.

Check it out now!

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