Genealogy day-long seminars near and far: virtual all-day learning

Webinars, institutes, conferences, and seminars. Genealogical education is vital and, in many ways, so easily accessible in 2020 and 2021 as these have gone virtual. Don’t forget to check county, regional, and state genealogical societies to see what they have to offer. Some are free, but many have a fee associated. The organization needs to pay for Zoom or other platform they use, pay the speaker, and also support the organization’s overall educational efforts. Heck, even in the case of free events, a nice donation to the society is a smart and caring thing to do! These are just two of the upcoming all-day events that might interest you, no matter where you live!

17 April 2001: Minnesota Genealogical Society Virtual Spring All Star Seminar.

Four impressive speakers: David Rencher, Pamela Boyer Sayre, LaBrenda Garret-Nelson, Michael Lacopo!

For the speaker topics and bios plus how to register:

24 April 2001: Tacoma-Pierce County Genealogical Society, Virtual Spring Seminar.
Genealogical Journeys and the The speakers will be Jill Morelli and Linda Harms Okazaki

Jill’s topics: “Push and Pull: Decision-Making of the 19th Century Emigrant” and “Accessing and Using Scandinavian Records.”

Linda’s Topics: “Finding Your Japanese Roots” and “20th Century Immigrants to the West Coast and Hawaii.”

Emcee and Virtual Meeting Host: Cyndi Ingle, creator of will act as Emcee and Virtual Meeting Host. For more details and registration please visit:

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