My best, no, my favorite genealogical presentation topics

When I hear from some genealogical and historical organizations about doing a seminar or single talk for them, I get asked “what are your best topics?”

The best topics have to be judged by those who listen and hopefully learn from them. I can’t always judge that but I can tell which are my favorite presentations. Generally, these are ones that I get extra excited about sharing the information and that I continually research to add updates to the handouts and PowerPoint slides. Any website mentions need to be updated continually! Some of these topics do get some added or tweaked details and new record examples that apply more to the locality of the sponsoring organization.

  • The WPA Era: Free Records Boon from the Government
  • Railroad Records and Railroad History: Methods for Tracking
  • Family History Gems in Century and Bicentennial Farms Programs
  • The Farmer in the Dell . . . and in Many U.S. Records
  • Genealogical and Historical Periodicals in Print and Online: Surprises Await
  • Your Anytime Library: Success in the Virtual Stacks
  • Researching Midwestern River People
  • Sources and Methods for Researching Native American Ancestors

It’s almost like saying which is my favorite grandchild and that is impossible to choose. I do have other topics that are listed under the

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