1950 census indexing review progressing fast!

This announcement from FamilySearch is three days old. I am catching up after spending most of the last couple of weeks working on the syllabus for two courses at GRIP. When I needed something else for my brain to do, I would do some of the reviewing in the 1950 census for places and surnames in Minnesota. I find this addicting and don’t know why! I suggest you do the same via FamilySearch and Ancestry. To participate on https://www.familysearch.org/ click on the 1950 census banner on the opening page or click on the Get Involved tab at the top.


New! Nevada is now published! Census records for 7 states are now available for searching on FamilySearch and Ancestry!

· Delaware

· Nevada—New!

· New Hampshire

· Rhode Island

· South Dakota

· Vermont

· Wyoming

New! You can now find and review families at the city or county level! Select the state, and then click on the option below the selected state to find families within a county or city. This also works with a specified surname, so finding specific families to review is easier than ever.

Indexed by computers, reviewed by people


States Available for Review:
All states other than those published are now available for review.
The following states are above 66% reviewed:

· Utah (87%)

· Idaho (73%)

· Arizona (69%)

· New Mexico (67%)

· Oregon (67%)

· Florida (67%)

“Review Families” is the most valuable task to complete for each state because of the grouping of households and detailed fields included. This task takes more time to complete but needs to be done prior to the publication of each state.

Completed States Pending Publication

· None

Overall Project Statistics:

· 148,296,584 fields reviewed

· 102,521 participating volunteers


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