Researching Minnesota Newspapers

Need Minnesota historical newspaper research? Check out these pages on the Minnesota Historical Society’s website. 

 Don’t forget to check newspapers in bordering states and provinces, too. City and county libraries, college and university libraries, and county historical societies have a variety of indexes, microfilmed newspapers, and some have digitized newspapers. Some have subscriptions to major newspaper collection sites. check what is available that way before paying for a subscription. This blog post is not meant to be comprehensive coverage of locating newspapers related to Minnesota but do a bit more digging and you may find some neat surprises. Way before the advent of online newspapers, we had many indexes and abstracts in print form and those are still on many library shelves.

Some major sites with links to, indexes to, and/or searchable images of newspapers covering Minnesota. Don’t forget to check newspapers in bordering states and provinces, too. 

Final reminder, though MNHS is the main repository for historic and current newspapers in the state, many are still in paper format there and at other repositories. Copyright laws also mean many newspapers are not yet free to be digitized unless an active newspaper makes special agreements with a newspaper website. 


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