Genealogy immersion for the presenters and the students equals deep education

Over the past two weeks, I presented a total of 17 lectures and led several discussion groups as part of two genealogical institutes. Then I rested a bit for a couple days. Watching baseball is one passion that relaxes me. One institute was the Texas Institute of Genealogical Research and the other was the Genealogical Research Institute of Pittsburgh. TIGR and GRIP are well-known for their level of education. Haven’t attended an in-person or virtual five-day course? Oh, you are missing some excellent education by a variety of excellent instructors. Just reading the brief biographies of the instructors will show their education, experience, and knowledge that they are ready to share with you.

It’s painful when I read a question from someone on social media that begs for some genealogical education. Books, webinars, seminars, institutes, and helpful social media sites are just some of the available education. This doesn’t only apply to those in the U.S. who are researching family roots. We all need to keep learning, but must not overlook the basics.

In a future blog post (once I get caught up with some client reports), I will post a list of educational outlets.

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