My October Presentations Update for Family History Month

It’s Family History Month in the U.S. I have updated my speaking calendar to show the 8 topics I am presenting virtually this month. Other than one, anyone can join virtually from anywhere in the world. Some have a fee and others are free. If you attend any virtual presentations, please consider joining that society or donate in appreciation of its educational offerings.

I will be in Minnesota, Virginia, and Arkansas and then in November, it’s Florida and Oklahoma. It’s a joy to be able to present genealogical education virtually and reach a wide audience. While preparing for all these, I have also been working on my syllabus sections for the January 2024 Salt Lake Institute of Genealogy’s virtual course “Researching Along the Northern Plains.” I am one of several instructors in this course. My topic will be presented over two sessions: “Native Americans of the Northern Plains: Repositories, Records, and Connections.” It’s not just about Native Americans in the variety of material.

More details on each presentation plus links for registration information are on this website under the Speaking tab.

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