Buckman, Minnesota, Origin of the Name

I’ve written about Buckman before and I try to drive through the town about once a year. Several summers during my childhood were spent in Buckman. My maternal Aunt Jeannie took me there before she remarried to spend a few days with her late husband’s grandparents. As a city girl, it was a shock when we had to make use of the outhouse and had to pump water. That part aside, I enjoyed my time with Grandpa Matt (Mathias) and Grandma Anna Mueller. They were both born in Germany and I wish I could remember if they spoke German while I was there. Mathias emigrated as a baby with his parents. Anna was about five years old when her family emigrated.

A recent alert from Google led me to a story about how Buckman got its name. It had less than 0 residents when I was there as a child and today it has 307 residents. “It was established in 1869 and was named after one it’s early settlers, Clarence B. Buckman. Buckman later became a United States Representative in 1881 and was a Minnesota Senator for 3 terms and he was also a U.S. Marshal.”

Read more about the town history and How Buckman Got It’s Name; The Story of Buckman that was posted from St. Cloud radio station WJON back in December. The printed story that link ttakes you to, included some photos including an aerial photo of Buckman. I checked with another grandson (Greg) of the Muellers to verify which house belonges to the Muellers. That is marked with a red arrow on the aerial view below. St. Michael’s Roman Catholic Church is in the middle of the photo and the cemetery is across the street from the church. I was thrilled as a child when I was allowed to ring the church bell.

One of my past posts about Buckman and my uncle by marriage: https://genealogybypaula.com/2017/11/2017-veterans-day-has-new-meaning-as-a-pow-uncle-is-returned/

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