Digitized Newspaper Update, Library of Virginia

A large client project was sent this morning and I am rewarding myself by doing my own research this afternoon. The Library of Virginia has updated its Virginia Chronicle digitized newspapers section with many more Virginia newspapers and years. It now encompasses almost 4.2 million pages from around the state.   

I have several collateral lines to investigate in 20th Century Virginia but figured one great granduncle was more likely to appear. My Great Grandfather, Alexander Charles Stuart’s brother, James E. Stuart, held several jobs for the U.S. Postal Service after the Civil War into the 20th Century. He began as a clerk for the Railway Mail Service and retired as Chief Postal Inspector for the Chicago region. I did a search for “James E. Stuart” Chicago and a new to me article popped up.

The Accomack News (Onancock, Virginia), of 8 March 1913, page 6, columns 3 and 4, carried a story about the Inauguration Parade for President Woodrow Wilson. A section of the parade was led by my great granduncle. In addition to his service in the two wars mentioned, he also served his country in the first World War.




Join me in more research at Virginia Chronicle!



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