GRIP 2024 Virtual “Digging Deeper” Course, Thursday Sessions and about the Syllabus

Syllabus. That’s a positive word for any institute student. Think 150-250 pages of links, book citations and annotations, reminders of session discussions, maps, diagrams, charts, examples, and records you should be checking, and more info than can be covered in each 75-minute session. Whew. That’s a lot of detail. If a course has been previously offered, each year’s syllabus is different from previous years. New website links, recently digitized records, previous links verified, additional pages added based on the previous year’s discussions and questions, and sometimes a new instructor is added. The 2024 edition of “Digging Deeper: Records, Tools, and Skills is no different. All five of this year’s Digging Deeper instructors are busy compiling their syllabus sections. As the coordinator, I get to review what they submit and I am always amazed at their level of knowledge, experience, and there’s always something new that I have not yet learned. Amy, Cari, Cyndi, Debbie, and I have some really good “stuff” planned for students. Don’t forget that we’ll be in a virtual classroom for four full days and one partial day.

Don’t forget that registration opens on February 20th and make sure you are ready! The FAQ section on the GRIP website is filled with helpful details, including getting ready for registration.

Now for the Thursday session descriptions. . .

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