A short study of Saint Paul, Minnesota Churches, Synagogues and more.

This afternoon, I was researching a church here in Saint Paul, Minnesota. I had not heard of it before. The pastor was the officiant at my Stuart grandparents’ wedding. Olga Theodora Carlsen married Earl James Stuart on 21 June 1916. The wedding did not take place in the church, but rather in the bride’s home. This was not the usual religious denomination for either the bride or groom’s family. One of the resources I used was St. Paul Historic Context Study Churches, Synagogues, and Religious Buildings: 1849-1950. It was a report prepared in 2001 for the St. Paul Heritage Foundation. [post continues below the image]

The report is 27 pages long and has no index or table of contents. The good news is it is digitized and online, therefore searchable by a variety of terms. Many other publications are noted in the text and in a lengthy bibliography at the end. I have used many of these but learned of a couple I need to consult. https://www.stpaul.gov/sites/default/files/2022-08/2001%20Context%20Study%20-%20Religious%20Bldgs.pdf

p.s. Sad that it used St. Paul and not Saint Paul, the proper name of the city and also of the Commission.

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