American Naturalization Processes and Procedures, 1790-1985 is gifted to researchers!

I have several bookcases filled with genealogy and history books. Some are available online today, but it’s easier to have some books open and spread out on my desk while researching or creating PowerPoint slides for a presentation. One of my favorite books on these shelves has long been out of print and not available online. That has changed!

It’s not a lengthy tome, is full-page size, and my copy has some sticky notes signifying portions I often reference. The book? American Naturalization Processes and Procedures 1790-1985″ by John. J. Newman, published by the Indiana Historical Society Press, 1985. The late Judge Newman provided us with some valuable history and laws in his book.

Lauren K. Peightel. of the Indiana Historical Society (IHS), knew how much this book is needed. She suggested to her colleagues at IHS that they needed to take a look at making it available and the IHS Press found his heir who gave permission so that we all could benefit. The news has been all over Facebook, but in case you missed that, now you know!

Don’t forget to check it!

Even if you don’t need it today, check the Table of Contents

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