26.2 million dollars toward exciting humanities projects by the U. S. based NEH

Today’s Press Release from the National Endowment for the Humanities provides funding for many projects, 238 to be exact!

A handful of examples

California, Irvine
University of California, Irvine Project Title: An Indigenous History of Captivity, Memory, and Freedom in the United States, 1880–2023 Project Description: Research and writing for a book on the ways in which Indigenous people have been subject to captivity in the United States.

Kentucky, Whitesburg
Appalshop, Inc. Project Title: Salvaging Appalachian Photo Collections Project Description: The treatment and digitization of 5,850 photonegatives from three collections dating from 1935–1995 and documenting the social, cultural, and economic history of Appalachia that were damaged in a major flood in 2022.

New York, New Paltz
New Paltz Huguenot Historical Society. Project Title: Preserving and Digitizing the Historic Documents of a Colonial Hudson Valley Community: New Paltz, New York Project Description: The creation of 2,500 digital objects and 90 catalog records, as well as conservation and rehousing, of eighteenth- and nineteenth-century collections from four of New Paltz’s cultural heritage institutions.

Pennsylvania, Pittsburgh
Historical Society of Western Pennsylvania. Project Title: The Italian Diaspora Archive Map Project Project Description: A planning project to coordinate the work of scholars and cultural heritage organizations in Ohio, Pennsylvania, and West Virginia to identify and aggregate information and resources that document Italian American history in the region.  

Virginia, Christiansburg
Christiansburg Institute. Project Title: Unveiling 20th Century Black Life in Middle Appalachia: Digitizing School and Community Records Project Description: Cataloging and digitizing four collections on the Christiansburg Institute, an educational organization in Appalachia established by the Freedmen’s Bureau in 1866.

Wisconsin, Eau Claire
University of Wisconsin, Eau Claire.  Project Title: Dematriation: Gendered Dispossession and Family Separation in the Colonial Northeast,1630–1763. Project Description: Writing an article on the community impact of Indigenous enslavement and family separation during the Pequot and King Philip’s wars (1636–1638 and 1675–1676).

For the full informative Press Release, https://www.neh.gov/news/neh-announces-262-million-238-humanities-projects-nationwide

For the full list of grants state by state, https://www.neh.gov/sites/default/files/inline-files/April%202024%20NEH%20grant%20awards%20.pdf

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