Genealogy instructor busy season.

I haven’t posted much this month. Like other instructors preparing for institutes, webinars, conferences, and seminars, it has been a busy month. The lilac photo is for my late maternal grandmother. Giving her a bouquet for Mother’s Day was our tradition. I miss her and my lilac bushes. Just seeing this picture shouts spring at me.

In the first 13 days of May, I have prepared 107 pages of syllabus and handout material. Seven were brand new presentations. The others needed to be updated, tweaked, and added to. In addition to that, the PowerPoint presentation slides needed to be created, updated, edited, tweaked, and a few were “dang it, that really shows my main points.” Oh, and I presented two webinars. 13 days was not all it takes to prepare those pages. It represents years of research, education, thinking, and developing.

All that was combined with work on a large legal document for a client that had a recent deadline.

I will be back to blogging, catching up on work for my other clients, and maybe a few hours of just reading something totally fluffy! There is also a Minnesota Twins baseball game in my future. One of my great grandson’s games, too. My grandnephew’s high school graduation party is soon. Much of yesterday was spent with my daughter and her children, then a lengthy conversation with my oldest son. Whether or not it is Mother’s Day, family is important. I am blessed to have family by blood and by choice. That includes my fellow family historians.

Now, go say something kind to someone in your sphere or hug them, do something good for yourself, and don’t forget to then catch up on the ever-updating world of genealogy education.

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