Wyoming’s Oldest, And Still Active, Railroad Union Predates Statehood By 21 Years

You may have heard one of my genealogy presentations on the value of railroad records, what may exist for your family, and how to find the collections that still exist today. Railroads are one of my favorite topics and some of the details in recoreds are amazing. That’s why this recent article in the Cowboy Sate Daily caught my eye.

The records of railroad employee unions and brotherhoods are great resources. The story covers Wyoming’s Brotherhood of Locomotive Engineers and Trainmen Division 103, which is the oldest and still active union in the state! I have seen trains along my driving route from Minnesota to the FamilySearch Library in Salt Lake City.

“The local Cheyenne union chapter is part of the oldest union in the United States. Its roots go back to Detroit, Michigan, in 1863 and the Cheyenne chapter formed 21 years before Wyoming was a state. Originally, Division 103 represented just engineers who worked for the Union Pacific as the frontier was in the process of being tamed.” Read the online article for more details and a great train picture.


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