In my 18th year of genealogy blogging

June 2, 2007. The day I began my own blog. Before that, I had been blogging about publicity for some Federation of Genealogical Societies conferences. Today starts the 18th year of my own blogging.

My own blog has had its productive times and then some down times when I am extra busy with my research clients and working on upcoming presentations. Work is good and pays the rent and groceries. At this time, I am extra busy working on my PowerPoint slides for the 14 sessions I am teaching in 3 weeks for the 2024 Virtual GRIP Genealogy Institute. I I Coordinate the Digging Deeper course and teach in that, and the Farming and Midwest courses. I love the preparation, but it does take time and sometimes the blog suffers.

On this blog, I try to share information on websites, sales, upcoming events, new indexes, databases, and some cool things I find online and in repositories. Occasionally I’ll cover a bit of my own family history.

That’s where I am today. Adding some photos and records from my own family to those presentations. I don’t have too much of my family in those presentations, but I found an old picture of me at 10 years old using the old water pump on a family member’s farm. I have some family records interwoven in other sessions I will be doing. We never stop learning and sharing.

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10 comments on “In my 18th year of genealogy blogging

  1. Way to go, Cuz! Don and I, our daughter Julia, and Ken and Rena were in Jamestown at the new Anne Carlsen Center Ribbon cutting ceremony
    for the new campus this weekend. It’s been a real treat to again just concentrate on Anne for a while. She was given another award, which Ken and I received on her behalf from the Daughters of The American Revolution for her contribution to the disabled . The governor also declared yesterday as Anne Carlsen Day in North Dakota. The facility has the latest technology with all of the bells and whistles that can help her kids. It’s fantastic l!! It’s been a fun weekend.

  2. Congrats on yet one more impressive accomplishment, Paula! I have been a fan since I first became aware of your work back in 1989! Here’s to continued success & more milestones to come! Many thanks for your service to the genealogy community! Much appreciated! Joni

  3. Thanks, Paula, for blogging as consistently as you do. You always have good information for us about research topics, webinars and conferences. Thank you!!

  4. Thanks for everything you share with us Paula. I appreciate it. Wish I had time to read all the blog posts from the past 17 years!

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