Remember that promised September 1st announcement? Here it is. Hint: railroad workers

Railroad engineI apologize for not fulfilling my promise. It’s not my fault. I searched and searched on Thursday and Friday for the link I needed to give you. Nowhere. Nada. I didn’t receive the email from Ancestry that would have given the link. It was also not on the Ancestry related FB pages then. Neither was it on the Ancestry Blog.

Now that others that did receive the email announcement have shared it, here it is, but with few hours left to take advantage of it.

My The Lure of the Train Whistle: Researching Railroad Workers course I did for Ancestry Academy is free until Midnight today, September 5th. It’s not exactly the same as the presentation I do at seminars and conferences.

The course is found here. 

FREE access ends 11:59pm ET Monday (registration for a free account is required). Use this link and once you do a basic name search, you can edit your search and add railroad as a keyword and look at the results list for a variety of railroad related databases and image sets on

Also included are census records and substitutes and related, Native American rolls, employment records, directories, and so much more!

Now, if you have continued to read this post to this point, Laura Prescott who is the real brains behind Ancestry Academy, told me that my railroad course will be free for ALL of September. She and I are trying to dig up more details from the marketing folks!

Stay tuned!


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7 comments on “Remember that promised September 1st announcement? Here it is. Hint: railroad workers

  1. I just watched the ancestry course you mention above. In your talk, you refer to a handout that has more detail. Is that available? Thanks

  2. I know I saw the ad on TV, but couldn’t find a thing on the Ancestry site itself.

    I was hoping to find the postmaster/post office workers files

    Thank you for pointing us in the direction of your class

    1. You are welcome. For Post Office employees, check the National Archives website. Use the search box in the upper right hand corner. I would also check for microfilmed records held by

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