15,000 MyHeritage DNA kits free to adoptees and birth families

MyHeritage “announced today the launch of a new pro bono initiative, DNA Quest, to help adoptees and their birth families reunite through genetic testing. As part of this initiative, MyHeritage will provide 15,000 MyHeritage DNA kits, worth more than one million dollars, for free, with free shipping, to eligible participants. Participation is open to adoptees seeking to find their biological family members, and to anyone looking for a family member who was placed for adoption. Preference will be given to people who are not able to afford genetic testing. The first phase of the initiative is open to USA residents, involving adoptions that took place in the USA. Application opens today on the project website, www.dnaquest.org, which includes detailed information about the initiative. ”

Read the full press release here.


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One thought on “15,000 MyHeritage DNA kits free to adoptees and birth families

  1. This warms my heart! What a fantastic gesture! I love these kinds of stories and am a fan of the TLC show Long Lost Family. Very touching stories, each one unique!

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