Calling Harvey Girls or descendants to St. Louis Sept. 13

News feed reminders often bring railroad news to me. If you have heard any of my various lectures on railroad employees and finding records, you know it includes discussion of the Harvey Girls as an example of workers related to the railroad industry, but who didn’t work directly for a railroad.

A September 13, 2019 celebration at the St. Louis, Missouri Union Station includes a tribute to Fred Harvey and his railroad-related businesses.

“All aboard! Calling all Harvey Girls & Harvey workers or their descendants, and St. Louis railroad history fans. You’re invited to this free reception to celebrate the Fred Harvey heritage at St. Louis Union Station as part of the station’s 125th anniversary celebrations . . . If you are a Harvey Girl or a Harvey Girl descendant who will be attending, send a note to us at so we can welcome you!”

Read more details here or here.

If I didn’t already have a couple extra busy weeks in September, I might have attended!

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3 comments on “Calling Harvey Girls or descendants to St. Louis Sept. 13

  1. A very enjoyable novel about a Harvey Girl is “One of Fred’s Girls” by Elisabeth Hamilton Friermood, which I read when I was a teenage.

  2. I saw a documentary not too long ago about the HARVEY GIRLS. Interesting piece of railroad history! GREAT CONCEPT FOR A REUNION!

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