A handful of ways to view my genealogy presentations from your home.

I receive emails and blog messages asking when I will be speaking in someone’s area. I’m still scheduling only virtual presentations. That can be 1-4 topics on one day/evening or more over a couple days. I’m still avoiding air travel and long car rides.

Virtual presentations also present savings for the sponsoring organization. No big hall rental, no airplane fare, baggage fee, parking cost, hotel stay or mileage cost to pay for me. traveling there. The organizations pay my speaking fee, and that’s it!

In the next two months, I will be appearing virtually in seven states and in all states and countries on your computer or tablet. In January, I will go to Illinois and Florida virtually. http://genealogybypaula.com/speaking/speaking-calendar/ Many of the organizations provide free access to the presentation(s) initially but to view it again or to access the handout requires membership in the organization. The initial free viewing opportunity is both a public service and a way to fulfill the educational aim of these organizations. That’s still a bargain. Some groups charge a fee for viewing presentations to recoup their costs and to provide future educational endeavors. Other groups require membership to view the presentation from the start. We need to support all historical and genealogical organizations. They also need to pay for equipment and for the platform such as Zoom or GoToWebinar for such presentations. Each has different levels of subscriptions and thus the reason some cut off registration at a certain point.

Another question is how do I view some of your future and past presentations? Several answers for that!

  1. Check my website http://genealogybypaula.com/ under the Speaking tab for “Paula’s Upcoming Presentations” and click on the name of the organization for details on joining the event.
  2. Then scroll down that page for a list of the last few years of my presentations. You will see the name of the organizations for which I presented. Then check that group’s website for a webinar library and the requirements to view them.
  3. Do a google search on my name and many past and upcoming dates appear.
  4. Check Conference Keeper https://conferencekeeper.org/ for not just my upcoming presentations but those by others.
  5. Check Legacy Family Tree Webinars for their humongous library of past webinars by a wide variety of speakers including me. The bulk of the first viewings are free. To review or view even months later, purchase a subscription for just $49.95 and that includes all syllabus (handout) material. My affiliate link for subscriptions is http://legacy.familytreewebinars.com/?aid=1739and that also helps support this blog.
  6. Check the free handful of recorded presentations I did for Ancestry Academy https://www.ancestryacademy.com/browse where you’ll find the free presentations and handouts I did on Native American records, Railroad Records, and WPA research.
  7. Check Research Write connect Academy for my course on “Researching U.S. Government Records (101).” There is a fee but also a lengthy handout and a private Facebook group for questions and discussion.  https://www.researchwriteconnect.com/researching-u-s-government-records-101

  8. Next June 18-23, I will be instructing virtually in two courses at the annual Genealogical Research Institute of Pittsburgh. Watch https://www.gripitt.org in a couple months for full details on the courses offered.

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