February 12, 1809 — the birth of Abraham Lincoln (and Charles Darwin)

Abraham Lincoln was born 200 years ago today. I wonder what he would think of the United States and the World if he were alive today. These are some websites that are honoring the bicentennial of his birth and have excellent information on the man, his family and his life. I wonder how many of our ancestors may have had some connection to him during his lifetime, especially before he became famous?

Official Federal Government Site for Abraham Lincoln Bicentennial 2009
The work for this site and many celebrations of Lincoln’s life and work has been in progress for a long time. It is a federal commission. People who attended the keynote session at the Federation of Genealogical Societies 2006 Conference in Boston heard Commission member Rhode Island Supreme Court Chief Justice Frank J. Williams talk about the Commission and its work. Many states have an official commission and the direct links are on this website. These and other states have representatives appointed to work with the Commission. [I think this site is being bombarded with visits today and I was unable to get it to open, but will keep trying.]

The Kentucky Abraham Lincoln Bicentennial Commission
Lincoln was born and spent his years until 1916 in the Hodgenville, Kentucky area. Hodgenville is in today’s LaRue County but it was in Hardin County at the time. I often wonder if my own children and grandchildren have an ancestor or cousin who knew the Lincoln and related families as their paternal ancestors lived in Green County, south of today’s LaRue County.

The Indiana Abraham Lincoln Bicentennial Commission
Lincoln lived in Spencer County from 1816-1930

Lincoln Illinois Bicenntenial Commission

“Abraham Lincoln was born in Kentucky, spent his youth in Indiana, and made Illinois his home. The State of Illinois captured this special relationship with its slogan ‘Land of Lincoln.'”

The anniversary of Charles Darwin’s birth is also being celebrated around the world.

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