A few days ago, MyHeritage announced an update to its Theory of Family Relativity™ which “is a groundbreaking feature that can save you hours of work trying to understand your connection to your DNA Matches. It harnesses billions of data points across MyHeritage’s huge database of family trees and historical records to provide you with plausible theories about how you and your DNA Matches are related. In addition to this update, we’ve made some improvements to the DNA section of the website, all of which are detailed in the blog post.” That blog post is worth reading. I spent a bit of time this week on my matches and the Theory of Family Relatively. I found some nice links to Danish and Swedish cousins.

One included a link to a man whose ancestral Carlsen family one lived in a building in Saint Paul now owned by someone who I visited yesterday. I visited that building for a haircut. Yes, I have told my hairdresser the connection. I have to remember to tell her about my many connections to the cemetery across the street from her building.

Now, if I could get some DNA connections to my German and Scottish ancestral families. The Irish, English, French Canadian, and Scandinavian connections are growing. C’mon relatives.

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