GRIP 2024 Virtual “Digging Deeper” Course, Thursday Sessions and about the Syllabus

Twentieth‑ and Twenty‑First‑Century Research: Rich Resources  (Paula Stuart-Warren)

Some censuses, erratic city directories in many places, disappearing people, renters, mobile families, and other issues are some reasons many are stumped in finding aunts, uncles, cousins, and even a missing sibling or parent. Learn specialized resources and research skills to find them, deal with careful contact, and the emotions of all. A hands-on activity highlights records and a successful outcome.

Civil & Criminal Court Records  (Paula Stuart-Warren)

Litigious society today? It’s nothing new. A few scallywags in the (distant, of course) family? The files, volumes, calendars, minutes, and indexes we find in civil and criminal court records contain vital family history details. Divorces, adoptions, land and tax disputes, inheritance issues, minor/major illegal activities, and business dealings are just some of what might be found. The details provide names, locations, relationships, and add depth to our ancestral stories.

Lunch Break

Off the Shelf: The Unexplored Potential for eBooks in Genealogy  (Cyndi Ingle)

There is a treasure trove of untapped research sources online: the electronic book or ebook. Repositories are digitizing publications and putting them online for us to use without having to leave the comfort of our homes. We will explore all the options that are out there to move your research forward. Included are strategies for searching, downloading, annotating, and extracting pages from within these books.

Institutional Records: The Good, The Bad, and The Painful  (Paula Stuart-Warren)

What affected members of your ancestral families that led to their time in these institutions? What laws, community discrimination, “not in my backyard,” family shunning, and other factors were involved? Learn about these and the significant details often found in records related to these institutions. We will also discuss locating the records of poor farms, almshouses, mental institutions, prisons, record restrictions, and gaining access.

Optional Enhancement Session: Roundtable discussion on student submitted problems. (Paula)

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