Free National Archives Genealogy Series

I love press releases like this from a few days ago. I plan to watch some and unfortunately have a couple conflicts on dates. I will later watch them on YouTube. The National Archives channel there already has extensive presentations and short videos. National Archives kicks off annual online Genealogy Series for May, June […]

U.S National Archives’ NEW and FASTER digitization center!

Several minutes ago, I received a Press Release from the U.S. National Archives. It has launched a brand new digitization center at the National Archives and Records Administration (NARA) location in College Park, Maryland. If I mentioned this to most people, the reaction would not even come close to what most of my readers will […]

NARA has caught up on Veteran Record Requests

I received this new presss release just minutes ago! The National Archive’s National Personnel Records Center (NPRC) in St. Louis has done what must have seemed impossible. It’s most important that the NPRC first do the work for veterans and their family members in need of benefits. The full Press Release is here

“Lost” Essex County Massachusetts 1810 census rolls discovered

All those boxes and volumes of records still in libraries, archives, historical societies, and courthouses do hold long-lost treasures. I advocate for ordering a box or volume and simply looking through the contents. NOT one specifically related to your family, but just for your own knowledge and experience. I spent years going through some files […]