Free afternoon webinar on the WPA and Historical Records Survey on April 19

Finishing the updating of my PPT for tomorrow’s presentation on the WPA and the Historical Records survey and all the indexes, records, and descriptions that genealogists should be using today. Many already research in some of these without knowing the how, when, why, and where. Join me tomorrow for this free webinar sponsored by the […]

Updated my genealogy presentations calendar today

This morning was spent signing some speaking contracts and then updating the calendar into parts of 2024 on my website. Next up is working on handouts for October presentations. Upcoming this month of September: September 15:Free Online Webinar “So, You Think You Know All About City Directories?” Part of Friday’s Legacy Family Tree Webinars Webtember. […]

Reminder of discount on U.S. Government Records 101 and a special offer for genealogists

I think Family History Month should really be Family History Year or Every Year. If only more people would get involved in learning more about the research, records, analysis, and making sure that records back up what you think you know. I realized today that I don’t have the marriage date for my paternal grandparents. […]