Only online August 24: Controlling Chaos: Organizing Your Genealogy Materials

Yes, I am still doing presentations. All online for the foreseeable future until we get this Pandemic under control. All online means more can join in, no matter where you live. It may be at odd hours in your time zone, but it’s the education that matters. I will be doing single presentation webinars and participating in all-day or multi-day seminars. Email me for more details and the fees if your organization wishes one or more of my topics that appear under the Speaking tab above. 

This Tuesday, August 24th, grab a snack or meal and join me and the North San Diego County [California] Genealogical Society for a webinar. My topic is Controlling Chaos: Organizing Your Genealogy Materials.

It takes place at 10:00 a.m. PDT which means noon for me in the Central Time Zone. I present some common sense and practical ideas for organizing your accumulating paper and electronic files. I also have a bit of advice from my Grandma Gert. The full description and the link to register (Free!) is here: A handout is available. 

Scroll further down the page to see what else the NSDCGS has on their calendar. 

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