Free webinar Wednesday, December 2 about the U.S. National Archives

 One of the joys of research is touching the original records of our ancestral families. I have done this and also worked on microfilms of some records many times onsite at the U.S. National Archives locations in Washington, DC, College Park, MD, Boston, MA, Chicago, IL, Kansas City, MO, Denver, CO, San Francisco, CA, and Seattle, WA. No two locations are alike in many ways, but a big similarity is that they all have records just waiting for our family history searches.

Want to know more? Join me when I present a FREE Minnesota Genealogical Society webinar on Wednesday, December 2. “The U.S. National Archives: The Nation’s Attic” 7:00 pm to 8:15 pm, Central Time.

The webinar is FREE to everyone that night. After that, it will be on the MGS website for members only. If you are already a MGS members, you know about the lineup of webinars. Join now to gain access to the archived ones presented by experts from the U. S. and Canada.


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